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Toy Maker Tails is a Legendary unlockable character in Sonic Speed Simulator.


While Toy Maker Tails is original to Sonic Speed Simulator, his general idea is based on a Sonic Channel artwork of Tails from March of 2015, where he wears a green hat backwards, and is shown flying an RC Tornado.


Tails wears a forte green coat and gloves, with paint all over them, as well as his face. He has a propeller hat and a teal shirt. He wears buckled shoes.

Obtaining Method[]

To obtain this painter skin, you need to complete all 5 tasks from the Fast Friends Event, which is located in Green Hill and Hill Top.


  • He is Tails' 9th skin.
  • He has a unique idle and running animation where his propellor hat is seen spinning.
    • The run animation references the way Tails runs in Sonic Frontiers. His run animation changes to the one the other Tails variants use when boosting.


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